Staying Active While Traveling

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Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t get in your exercise. Here are some of our favorite tips for staying active while traveling.

  • Plan an active vacation. Plan your vacation around an activity that the entire family will enjoy. Whether it’s water skiing at the beach or hiking in a national park, let the activity be the focus of your vacation.
  • Explore on bike or on foot. Many places offer bus tours, but by choosing to explore the city on a bicycle or by walking you’ll be able to see the city from an entirely different perspective.
  • Make exercise a routine. Go for a morning walk before you start your day. Use the exercise facility in your hotel or purchase a day pass to an area gym. Treat your exercise routine while you are traveling the same as you would at home. That said, don’t forget to pack your workout clothes!
  • Be adventurous. Vacations are a chance to try something new and exciting. Why not try out a new sport? Never surfed before? How about scuba diving? Give it a try while you are at the beach! The possibilities are endless!

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