Keeping a Food & Exercise Diary


You may be thinking, “tracking my food and exercise is a lot of work!” It can be, but it also brings great rewards, such as helping you to reach your goals and feel empowered to make a lifestyle change. Also, many free apps and Move2Health’s Supertracker group make the actual tracking even easier.

Here are some more reasons to start (or keep) tracking:

  • The act of tracking can change your behavior, by helping you to make choices more mindfully.
  • Reviewing your food and exercise diary will motivate you to keep striving toward your goals.
  • Tracking will help you to notice if you are eating balanced meals, or if you need more variety in your diet.
  • Your food and exercise diary can make you more aware of patterns in your daily routine, such as eating mindlessly when you are stressed.

The benefits of keeping a food and exercise diary far outweigh the burdens. So give it a try, and start today!

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