Backyard Fun

Senior Couple Playing Badminton_216782947

At your next get together, offer a variety of activities to keep your guests entertained before and after eating. Outdoor gatherings are perfect for team and individual games. Here are some ideas guaranteed to get your guests up and moving.

  • Get in the water. What better way to cool off then to host a pool party? If you don’t have a pool, consider setting up a slip-and-slide!
  • Set up an obstacle course. Lay down some old tires or hula hoops, cones, and balls and you’ve got yourself an obstacle course! Come up with instructions for your participants to maneuver the course—first hop on one foot, then run, then throw a ball. You get to decide!
  • Game on! There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to get the party going. Have your guests divide into teams for a game of tug-of-war, a relay race, a potato sack race, or even a water balloon fight!
  • Nothing like the classics. Bocce, corn hole, croquet, badminton—these are just some of the many activities you can set up in your backyard for your guests to play. You can encourage your guests to bring their favorite games as well.

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